Giving to your preferred church or charity online, safely and quickly, is now easier than ever.

Give Easily, Give Confidently

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Why did we create it?

From the beginning, our vision was clear. Ezy2Giv saw a need to bridge the gaps between giving, online security and cost-effective payment solutions. That need sparked a drive for change. To enable charities and churches around the globe to maximise the value of money given to them, processing and administration costs had to be reduced. 

As a result, Ezy2Giv was born.

Give Easily, Give Confidently

The charities and churches, not to mention their members, which you support all undertake personal journeys. By giving to these organisations, you help them support these journeys.

Ezy2Giv offer you the technology to help you modify the way you give, with an easy solution and not to mention, with confidence.